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Why Use a Hanging System in Your Home?


Why go with a system rather than just hang your art on the wall yourself?


The Great Greek Mural

Do you get bored of staring at the same blank walls every day? Zak’s Greek Restaurant did – and wait until you see what they did about it!

Buying Art The Easy Way: Online

If you’ve ever browsed through our catalogue and wondered why we sell art online, and who buys the majority of these pieces, some of these answers may surprise you.

A large portion of our sale clients, who buy work ‘sight unseen’ (not viewed in person), are professional businessmen who want to place art within their home or office, but don’t wish to waste their time on endless visits to art galleries with no guarantee they will find a suitable piece.

In Business' Article on ART LOGIC and BDO's newest exhibition

A new art rental exhibition, curated by Adelaide-based specialist Art Logic, has been turning heads and creating conversations at the offices of BDO Accountants in the Adelaide CBD, according to Art Logic principal, Jacqueline Mitchell.

Transforming Boardrooms with Art - BRI Ferrier

One of the most commonly requested rooms to receive art in a business is a boardroom.

BRI Ferrier's Boardroom

It’s a gathering place to discuss business, corporate strategy and the intricacies of running a company – but also a place where people spend a fair amount of time waiting.

ART LOGIC Adelaide Artist Stefan Bruneder Wins Big

There’s something exciting happening in Adelaide!

Starting this month, a new apartment building will be constructed on Flinders Street, and is projected to be complete by June 2014.

South Australian Painter and Sculptor Graham Shaw

It takes a lot of skill to be both a painter and a sculptor, especially when the artist’s style in each is so distinctive. Graham is one such artist. His method of creating sculptures and paintings is entirely different. His paintings start with a clear image in mind, while his sculptures evolve based on the materials that call to him at that moment.


Art for a Long, Narrow Reception

We at Art Logic love a challenge, so when we were approached by Hunt & Hunt to find art for a lawyer’s reception lounge, we jumped at the chance.

‘That doesn’t sound like much of a challenge’ you may say – well, when you factor in that the lounge space is a long, narrow area and that everyone in the office had to like the art, it becomes significantly more difficult!

A Portrait Commission for Santos

On the fifteenth of March 2012, ART LOGIC received a commission request for a portrait: a member of the 'Santos family' was retiring and the hunt was on for a gift that would adequately represent his considerable contribution to the company. A life-sized painting (referenced from a photo) had been chosen as the perfect send off, and the source for the artist: a photograph from National Geographic.


A Present for a Chairman

Art is one of the most beautiful and personal things you can give someone. It says something about you, about them, and the relationship between you – whether it be professional, romantic or simply appreciative.
What gift, then, could be more appropriate to give to a man whom you have worked with for over 20 years? A man whose work you, and many other people, owe so much to and appreciate so highly?

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