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"Artists are active philosophers, they are the avant garde thinkers for a society," Juliana Engberg, Sydney Biennale artistic director.
ART LOGIC has top South Australian art for sale and rent. Choose 24/7 from 1600+ artworks in our online gallery. Our business HANG LOGIC installs art hanging systems to make your life easy and keep your wall free of nail holes.
Buy artwork via our website shopping cart or contact our office on 0432 924 305 to view your choice in our Adelaide gallery. We send artwork interstate & internationally.

As art consultants we marry ART with LOGIC to create stunning outcomes for our clients.


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Jacqueline Mitchell, founder of ART LOGIC.
"Creativity takes courage." Henri Matisse

Ever wondered why we called ourselves ART LOGIC?
A mind that invites LOGIC is curious. It questions and studies life, death, and the Universe. Information verified by science feeds it. When information is unavailable, a mind fed by LOGIC reaches a dead-end.
A mind stimulated by ART and imagination will think beyond what is currently verifiable and thus create the capacity for the logical mind to advance.
A mind embedded in both ART and LOGIC achieves beyond what we believe is possible. Such a mind explores theories for alternative dimensions.
Here at ART LOGIC we enjoy such minds.
Roland Weight, Temporal Landscape, ART LOGIC
Jane Smeets Let Me Show You My Love ART LOGIC, SOLD
Jane Smeets Fish 6 ART LOGIC
Jane Smeets Fish 6 ART LOGIC
Jane Smeets Fish 6 ART LOGIC
Malcolm Koch MA 2 ART LOGIC
Malcolm Koch MA 2detail ART LOGIC
Malcolm Koch MA 2 in situ at Perks Accountants ART LOGIC
Malcolm K, MAW#009, ART LOGIC
Brian Dunlop, Berber, Art Logic
Silva Kvasina The View ART LOGIC