Rent Original SA Art at a Fraction of its Price


The Art Rental Procedure

What type of art can one lease?

Click this link to find out the artworks you can rent. You can choose from over 1500 artworks created  by over 50 South Australian artists - ranging from emerging to established artists: paintings, sculpture, glass, mixed media, digital art, photography, installations and ceramics)   

How much does art rental cost? 

Copper art rental package

  • Rent 3 artworks (maximum total retail price of artworks - $9,000)  
  • 6 months
  • We select the pieces for you after understanding your requirements.
  • Cost: $750 & delivery/installation* (for 6-month art rental period)

Bronze art hire package

  • Lease 5 artworks (maximum total retail price of artworks - $15,000) 
  • 6 months
  • We select the pieces for you after understanding your requirements.
  • Cost: $1250 & delivery/installation* (for 6-month art lease period)

Silver art lease package

  • Hire 7 artworks (maximum total retail price of artworks - $21,000)
  • 6 months
  • We select the pieces for you after understanding your requirements.
  • Cost: $1,750 & delivery/installation* (for 6-month art hire period)

Gold art rental package

  • Lease as many artworks as you like.
  • 2-12 months
  • You can choose any artworks you like with or without our input
  • Cost: varies in accordance with the value of selected artworks & delivery/installation* 

*Delivery and installation is quoted separately as the cost depends on your business’ or home's location and the number and size/weight of the artworks rented. 

How does art hire work?

  1. View the art we have for lease
  2. Choose the package that suits you best (choose for our copper bronze, silver or gold packages - see aboive)
  3. Contact ART LOGIC: call 0432 924 305 or email: and let us know what you want.
  4. We visit your venue to view, discuss and assess your needs.
  5. Most clients install a Zero-Damage Picture Hanging System 
  6. We email you an art rental agreement.
  7. We deliver and install the art you have rented for you.
  8. When your art lease period ends we provide new art for you.

Payment: Clients are invoiced for the full period of the art rental period up front. Part of these fees are paid to the artists.

Delivery and Installation:The artwork is delivered and installed by the artists and ART LOGIC. There is an additional delivery fee for large artworks and heavy sculpture.

Some art lease client testimonials

ANZ Bank
ART LOGIC co-ordinate a new exhibit for our Waymouth St boardroom every four months, with pieces chosen from their extensive gallery of quality local contemporary art. The vibrancy of the displays is complementary to our modern premises, and the rotating nature of exhibits ensures the environment is always dynamic – a stimulating place to hold customer meetings and presentations.

Clients certainly notice the artwork, with paintings inspiring conversation in new and intriguing directions. Whilst they may not always appreciate every work on display, personal responses to the artwork are always fascinating. A strong reaction - even a negative one - is good because it may form the basis of a conversation that explores new territories.
Our alliance with ART LOGIC enables ANZ to support South Australian artists and the State's cultural heritage whilst emboldening our primary meeting place for the enjoyment of staff and clients alike.

Kym Darcy, General Manager, South Australia, ANZ Bank

ART LOGIC has created 12 art exhibitions for QED’s boardroom and office area over the past 4 years. The benefits of the art works are:

• Bright
• Interesting
• Encourages social interaction, they are a talking point
• Encourages employees to participate (in work and social life)
• Changing and stimulating environment
• Raises morale (and hence energy and productivity of staff), resulting in a win-win
outcome and agreeable company culture
• Inspirational – generating free and innovative thought and ideas
• Increases staff retention and reduces absenteeism
• Makes staff think positively about work and QED as a caring employer of choice
• Makes QED a desirable and pleasant place to work
• Makes QED a point (place) of difference (a paramount client focus attribute, and good PR)
• Good corporate and community citizen as supporter of SA Artists
• Relatively cheap
• Cover bare white walls
• Tax deductible

I strongly recommend to all businesses to hire some art works to brighten up their office
environment and working lives. It only generates positive results.
Richard Hanslip

Finlaysons  Lawyers

The works which Art Logic have supplied for our reception area have not only enhanced the visual appeal of the space, but also provided a talking point for both clients and staff. Finlaysons have had a rotation of many artworks including sculptures, light exhibits and paintings, all have added interest and vibrancy to our reception area.

The artworks are always changed over with a minimum of disruption and the pieces recommended are always exceptional. We would strongly recommend art hire through Art Logic as a means to enhance office aesthetics, and support the arts community is South Australia.”
Graham McGeagh , Chief Executive Officer, Finlaysons

Research Laboratories of Australia

We have appreciated the service and expertise of ART LOGIC in selecting and arranging quality art pieces to exhibit in our offices at Kidman Park. Our business has regular visitors from Japan and Europe who are intrigued by the paintings and sculptures. A mix of South Australian artists' pictures and works always makes for interesting conversation, and allows our overseas colleagues and guests to identify and learn about our culture and history. Works are rotated every four months, which ensures a new and inspiring display for staff and clients and allows the artists' works to be enjoyed outside of a traditional gallery. Research Laboratories of Australia is proud to support and promote ART LOGIC.
Owen Crees, CEO‎, Research Laboratories of Australia


Art Rental for my home
I cannot heap enough praise on Jacqueline and her business model. I decided to go with renting the art for my home as while I love art, cannot ever decide what to buy and what goes where. Art Logic & Jacqueline inspected my home and selected art based upon the set up/lighting and what impressed me most, on personality. I am extremely happy with the choices that were made for me and look forward to seeing future choices as well! I recommend this for anyone who loves Art but does not have the 'eye' for it and wants to avoid stockpiling art in their garage. 10/10! 
Jeff Spiteri


Why hire art?

Buying art should be fun and exciting, right? Often however, finding the perfect piece is a major challenge. Something might look wonderful in a gallery,  or online - but will you enjoy living or working with it for years? And will it even fit?

One reason we launched art lease was to make owning art easy and risk-free. You try the art you like at home or in your office, live and work with it for a while, and rotate it any time you see fitting.

Renting art lets you experience and explore different kinds of art; each art hire rotation creates a new dynamic. Click this link to see some photos of exhibitions we have installed for our clients.

You can create different atmospheres: from playful to serious to dynamic; you can impress your clients and friends:  if you don't tell them you're renting art, they'll think you have an immense art collection because every time they come there's something new; and as you glean experience and understanding you can start building your own art collection.

The large capital outlay for purchasing art can be prohibitive; especially if you get it wrong and don't manage to resell the artwork. Renting art makes it more affordable as it costs a fraction of the retail price.

Want to know the most indulgent way to explore art? Pour yourself a glass of your favourite red wine (preferably South Australian), place yourself in your most comfortable chair, open your iPad /laptop  and stroll / scroll through our 

virtual art gallery.


Install a Zero-Damage Picture Hanging System

We also install picture, document and photo hanging systems. Here we work together with HANG LOGIC. They are experts at what they do and have trained up a team of competent carpenters to install our art hanging systems. The advantages for you are:

- no ugly and unsightly holes in your walls, it's a zero-damage hanging system.
- easy and rapid hanging of artwork
- no need to find the right spot straight away; you can change the location and height of your artwork whenever you want...and it's super-easy to do.

Read some testimonials clients have sent us.

You can contact HANG LOGIC via their contact page.