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'Draw, Paint and Sip' Beginners/Intermediate Art Series

Begins on Monday 17 February 2020 @7pm-9.30pm and runs for 6 weeks.
$60 for casual classes, $300 if you book all 6 classes. To book call 0432 924 305 or email us:

We provide all the materials: pencil, charcoal, pastels, paints, paper, canvases, brushes, palettes & easels.

These classes are for anyone with a passion for art who has never taken art classes, someone who has learned art a fair while ago and wants to pick it up again or someone who occasionally dabbles and would like some support.

In these classes, we teach students the basic techniques of drawing and painting. You will learn about lines, shading, mixing colours, composition and dimensions. The structure of our classes enable you to achieve a good understanding of forms by first learning to draw various geometric shapes and single objects. Then we proceed to teach you painting, colour mixing techniques, colour values and how brush strokes can be applied to various textures. Students are introduced to different drawing/painting materials such as charcoal, graphite, pastels, and acrylic paints.

There’s no pressure. Students just come in, learn some theory, have fun and draw and paint. However, goal-oriented individuals will want to know what these beginner’s classes will allow them to achieve. Just ask us ;-) or scroll down to read more below.


'Draw, Paint and Sip' Intermediate/Advanced Art Class Series

Begins on Tuesday 23 March @ 7pm-9.30pm and runs for 6 weeks. $300.

$60 for casual classes, $300 if you book all 6 classes. To book call 0432 924 305 or email us:

In these classes we support our students in further developing their skills and techniques. Apart from mastering materials such as graphite, charcoal, pastel, oil pastel, oil paints, watercolour, acrylic, students discover and experiment with mixed media. Every class has a different focus, such as group still life, sculpture, landscape, animals, faces and the human body.

These classes are conceived for those with a basic understanding of drawing/painting who wish to further develop their skills. They are also for students who are preparing an art portfolio for degree applications.

In these classes students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of art, and begin to develop and explore their own unique style of self-expression.

More about our 'Draw, Paint and Sip' Art Classes

In our 'Draw, Paint and Sip' art classes you learn about art and form and colour and flow … and leave the stresses of daily life far behind you. Capturing the true essence of an image by applying paint to a canvas often requires a stroke of divine inspiration – like a glass of sparkling or a Shiraz. Just the essentials any artist needs to bring new work into the world, nothing too excessive. And of course the right kind of music playing in the background…

Adelaide Art Classes, Draw, Paint and Sip art workshops

Adelaide Art Classes, Draw, Paint and Sip art workshops
Our art classes are run by successful Adelaide-based artists who have been trained as teachers and know how to mix art with fun. They are held on evenings during weekdays are for adults. They take place in our art gallery at Largs North. They combine the whimsy of happy hour with the discipline of an art class.

The cost per evening is $60 for casual classes, if you book for all course evenings evenings cost $50. We provide all the materials: pencil, charcoal, pastels, paints, paper, canvases, brushes, palettes & easels. If you miss an evening you can make up for it at another time.

Our evening classes allow you to express your creativity, experiment with different mediums, and develop your drawing technique in a fun and creative environment.

You’ll be working in pencil, charcoal, pastels and acrylic paints to capture a range of still-life objects (some easy, some more challenging!), life drawing as well as self-portraits and abstracts all building confidence in your work.
These classes are perfect for beginners as well as for those who have some drawing experience and are looking to hone their skills. You’ll receive plenty of guidance and support. If you have particular wishes our teacher is able to focus on that.

During the classes we:
• Get things started with warm-up exercises – we’ll start with some quick sketches
• Work with still-life set pieces – you can bring your own objects if you wish
• Develop different techniques with different materials
• Learn about basic perspective and proportions
• Explore the different qualities of pencil, charcoal, pastels and paints

Charcoal, paint and pastels can be messy, so bring a protective apron (there will be a few available for those who have come straight from work), or wear washable clothes!

These sessions are a relaxing haven away from busy life, lose yourself in the creative buzz of the Art Logic Gallery.


Sunday Art Classes in Adelaide

Sunday Art Session "Painting From Photography"

for Beginners and Intermediate levels, Sunday, 1 March 2020.

It runs from 10am -1pm and costs $70. We provide all the materials: pencil, charcoal, pastels, paints, paper, canvas, brushes, palettes & easels.
To book call 0432 924 305 or email us:

Bring along your favourite photograph - one you've taken or one you've found and use this as a starting point for your painting. You'll learn the skills you need to create a painting that means a lot for you during the day.


You can play around with different mediums - incorporate charcoal, pastels or pencil marks in your painting.

You can include elements of collage in your painting. Cut out various shapes of paper or glue in objects like feathers, leaves, sticks and flowers. This will give you a painting a unique texture.

You can let our music guide you. The beat can influence the colours you mix, the brush strokes you make and the flow of your piece. You painting will have rhythm.

You can play with the painting's background. You could let the paint drip down the canvas and incorporate these elements of chance in your painting.

Your final creation may look similar to the photo or perhaps you will use your photo as a reference point for a more abstract painting. You can let go of the rules and explore the colours, textures and shapes your photo reveals to you. You can let your brush do the work for you and just see what happens.

Does this sound overwhelming? If it does, don't worry. You will have a professional teacher to support and guide you throughout the day. It will be fun, relaxing and you'll get to chill with like-minded people.


Photos from our Art Classes

We started the first evening of this series with some Still Life Drawing using charcoal. Students chose an object in our gallery that appealed to them and then got right into it.

Some students in the art class chose nature - they sketched plants we have in our gallery.

Scott chose a sculpture created by one of our artists (Our daily Bread), and below is  Doreen just starting to draw  a vintage handbag with its flowing silk scarf.

In another class our art students  moved on to colour, playing with shapes and forms. Painting with like-minded people is fun.

Isn't the blue in Katie's below painting the most amazing colour. The oranges and yellows above bring it to life even more.

Adrienne chose to explore applying paint with a palette knife contrasting this with other sections of her capainting whre she applied the paint with brushes.

Sam continued with her plant theme but this time placing them in water; thereby creating a beautiful waterscape.

Scott explored greens and blues.

Drew painted this beautiful tree surrounded by birds in flight. Cynthia told us it reminded her of the feeling you get when reading the story of 'Le Petit Prince'.


Our art teacher Cynthia is always on the move!

It's hard to catch Cynthia standing still!

She has spent her entire professional life immersed in the arts. She began as a performer and live installation artist, in Vienna, Austria. She has performed all throughout Europe and in fact is still called back both to partake in exhibitionsand perform in live installations twice a year.

'This Distant Land', oil on canvas, 3x 400x1220 by Cynthia Schwertsik

Painting has long been Cynthia's obsession, first discovered when she was a set designer. This awakening led to a deeper understanding of visual arts.

Cynthia gives hints to make this painting even more amazing

In 2012 Cynthia immigrated to South Australia (her partner, also an artistd performer, is an Aussie) and decided to add an Australian degree to her cap of feathers, obtaining a BVA degree at Adelaide Central School of Art. Since then she has become an expert in teaching a vast range of drawing and painting techniques.

Cynthia getting paint for a student in this life drawing class

Cynthia loves to help students try new things. She encourages students’ excitement and enthusiasm, and supports them in exploring their ideas, as well as teaching them the techniques to help realise their artistic dreams. They can count on Cynthia being there to give them just what they need if they ever feel stuck.

Cynthia explains a technique to Emily


Art teacher Greg  has a great sense of humour!

Our art teacher Greg talks about himself and his passion: "I've drawn and painted for almost as long as I can remember and always enjoyed it. After a solo exhibition of paintings in 1971 work and life intervened so that I was unable to spend much time painting again until some 15 years ago when I had more time to indulge what has remained a life-long passion. I work within the classical tradition, attempting to grasp the magic that light plays out as it affects different forms and surfaces and to re-present our surroundings in a way that makes us appreciate them differently - particularly in relation to their colour, form and vitality. I work mostly in oils but also in charcoal and pencil with my main areas of interest being still life, portraiture, landscape and life drawing.

Since I retired, I have been working as an artist. Prior to that I lectured in International Politics at Adelaide University specialising in Asian and particularly Chinese politics and economics. I've had solo exhibitions at several galleries in Adelaide as well as Hobart and Perth. I work from my studio at home in Cumberland Park. Painting is an immensely satisfying experience. It also as requires intense concentration and always remains a challenge which we never master. It also generates a mental calmness which is elusive in a busy life."

A few of Greg's creations:

Here are some photos from our art classes:

The 'Draw Part' of 'Sip, Draw and Paint'

We often start our art classes with a drawing session. Students use pencil, charcoal and pastels to draw any object or painting they see in our gallery. I notice how differently I see what surrounds me daily when I take on this exercise.

Here's what everyone created

LG is fascinated by shells. Our gallery is almost a stone's throw form largs North Beach so we have lots of magnificent shells as inspiration.

RR, an engineer form Brazil who has settled in Australia chose a  sculpture by Tim Thompson that we have exhibited in our gallery as a topic for her drawing.

SB did a charcoal drawing of the plant we made the centrepiece of our display - you can see it in the left side of the photo.

VK worked with a pencil and DR with pastels.

JW was inspired by the canna lilies from our gallery garden

and also by a sculpture called 'Male Beauty' by Tim Thomson

GB chose the funky flamingo we have in our gallery to be the star of her drawing

KL thought the lady in her painting should hold a fish rather than a leaf

ET giving her flamingo some pink

and here's JLC on the left adding his creation to the final lineup

Every one's different

One fascinating thing about art classes is how different everyone's chosen subjects and resulting paintings are.

We all start with the same ingredients & tools - colour, paint, canvas, paintbrushes, paper, water, rags and sparkling.


GB was inspired by Picasso to paint an improvised musician.


RA delighted in perfecting applying contrasting colours.

DB depicted freedom  with his magnificent flying pelican (and yes, we ladies all love having a gorgeous man in our midst!)


SB was inspired by a painting by Jane Smeets that intrigues her.


Here's the original which happened to be hanging in our gallery.

RB is a fast painter. She tackles several pieces in one class. Here she's in the midst of  creating her stunning lighthouse.

The best place to start a painting is with a piece of Emmentaler cheese!

EC is masterfully capturing a special moment in her interaction with her 4yr 0ld son.


JM created what GB naughtily called an 'orgasmic mermaid'. She's a messy painter - check out her t-shirt!

And then we lined up all our paintings so that our art teacher Cynthia could bestow endless praise upon us as well as analyse the different techniques used. What a brilliant evening.


Taking the time to appraise your artwork

One thing that is almost as important as the painting itself is to sit back and take the time to dwell on what you are creating. Which parts sing? Are there sections that need enhancing. Do connections need to be created between different areas of the painting?


Our Art Teacher Analyses Students' Creations

Our teacher Cynthia discusses Laura's creation with her. The piece has integrity, it reveals Laura's love of the colour green, her spirited being and her connection to plants. Together they appraise her use of colour, the artwork's texture and its balance. They explore Laura's lines - do they articulate the forms she wishes to represent, has she placed them so as to evoke a playful and intriguing rhythmn?


A Live Model For Inspiration

Archer volunteered to model - everyone capture him from a different angle:


Learning Different Art Techniques

One technique Cynthia teaches is creating a small 'viewfinder' which enables you to analyse what you are most attracted to which in turn is then the basis for your artwork.


The below photo shows which selection the 'viewfinder technique' inspired  Raechel and Ellie to draw.


The step-by-step nature of our teaching makes it easy for you to acquire and polish your drawing and painting skills. At the end of the course, students have a pleasing grasp of form, and are able to use a range of art materials successfully. And most important of all, you leave these classes feeling motivated and enthusiastic.




'Draw, Paint and Sip' Life Drawing/Painting art classes

In this class we explore different aspects of drawing the human figure. Students develop their skills in drawing the human form (faces, the entire body, hands, feet, movement etc.) by understanding the human anatomy (e.g. shape of muscles and skeleton) and translating that onto paper. We explore the human figure using various mediums such as graphite, charcoal, pastels, ink, oil paint, watercolour and acrylic (or a combination of them).

We provide our students with both male and female professional life drawing models of all ages and ethnicities. Those times vary; at the beginning of the lesson they are shorter, and last pose is the longest. Depending on the theme of the day, the model is either be nude or clothed.

Anyone wanting to practice and excel in their life-drawing and portrait painting abilities is welcome to come to these classes.

We explore the beauty of the human figure and thereby develop refined observation skills. Students perfect the simple techniques of life drawing and learn how to release, express and mould their inner artist. Quite quickly you will become proficient in drawing/painting the human form using various mediums. In particular, you will understand how to paint/draw the human form accurately, and how to best use light and tone in expressing a character. Our tutors teach you to build up a picture of your subject’s life by incorporating settings and backgrounds. By the end of this course you will have quite a few magnificent drawings and paintings to add to your own personal art collection.


In a nutshell

Because our classes are well thought out and structured they enable you to develop skills with ease. What we offer is social, creative and you get to drink wine.

Despite all the imbibing, rest assured; any chaos is controlled, both on and off canvas. Nobody gets too sloppy, it wouldn’t be good for the painting. No paint fights, so far. Or food fights, for that matter. And no annoying the instructors, either.

What our classes are NOT like:


Art Materials

Our beginner classes include materials. We recommend that more advanced students bring their own materials.
We suggest different shops where you can buy the materials you require.