Photo, Document and Picture Hanging System

Do you have paintings, photographs or documents that you want to hang on your walls, without making a myriad of ugly holes? Contact HANG LOGIC and  we'll install an invisible hanging system with no damage to your walls for you. We've already installed about 10,000m of hanging system in homes and offices so we are pros at it!

What the hanging system looks like

Hanging rod, perlon wire and adjustable hook


Using our hanging system to hang paintings

Perlon wires with adjustable hooks hang from the white rod at the top of the two photos

2 Testimonials:

"We have just had 35 metres of Art Hanging System installed in our Art Gallery at Prospect (Adelaide,South Australia) by Jacqueline Mitchell of HANG LOGIC which we are very pleased with.

The installation came in on budget and was installed in the exact timeframe quoted, without any delays and at the end of the day without any mess. Jacqueline was also helpful in recommending a warm white for the walls which sits well with the paintings and the hanging system. Many thanks to Greg and his mobile scaffolding as I'm sure it would have taken a lot longer without it.

Jacqueline has been extremely easy to deal with and I would recommend her highly to anyone else wanting to hang the system either in their home or a commercial space."

Geoffrey & Jude Stapleton
The Geoffrey Stapleton Gallery
95A Prospect Road, Prospect



"We have finally done the house renovation we have been working towards for (frighteningly) 25 years. We had collected art to hang in our dream house over that time & longer. When we were looking for a means of displaying this art, our local picture framer put us on to Jacqueline Mitchell at HANG LOGIC for a suitable hanging system.

We could not have been happier about the service. Jacqueline and her team were prompt, efficient, clean & hard working. Better yet, considering the amount of money we had spent on the renovation, she was on budget.

We have now had many friends visit our home & there has been unanimous comment on the excellence of their hanging system; Jacqueline and her team installed 86 metres of it for us. We are extremely pleased to have the art, & the memories they carry for us, on display at long last. It has added joy to substance. We can only see ART LOGIC as a great service for Adelaide."

Richard Oborn‎, Psychologist, Trinity Gardens


Do you have different coloured rods?

The hanging rod comes in three shades: white, brushed silver and white primer. The white primer rod can be painted the colour of your walls.


Can you customise the hanging system to a room?

Yes: You can measure the rod lengths required or send us a plan that shows where you want the hanging system installed & we will draw up a quote.

At what height do you install the system?

The hanging rod sits neatly under the ceiling or cornice disappearing as an extension thereof.

What weight can the rod take?

The hanging system is very strong.The standard hanging rod (click rail) can take up to 20kg kg per metre. Our professional rod (click rail pro) can take up to 30kg per metre

Imagine you posess a 1m wide  mirror  weighing  18kg. If you use two 10kg hooks you can hang it. BTW, the average family picture weighs less than 5kg. 

How does the hanger attach to the rail?

Twister hangers attach and detach (twist in/twist out) anywhere along the lengths of the Click Rail. 

What does the installed hanging rod look like?

The white 'line' at the top of the left hand side of the photo below is the rod part of the hanging system. Pieces are supported by 2 hooks on clear hanging cords (like fishing line) that are clicked into the hanging rod.

What do individual components of the art hanging system cost?

Installed hanging rod: Price depends on metres of installed rod & wall consistency.

e.g. 20m of hanging rod installed into Gyproc costs about $700.

Hanging cord: Price depends on length and cord material. e.g. 1m perlon chord -$6.27
Hooks: Price depends on hook quality e.g. best quality ratchet hook -$9.51

Here's what having us install your picture hanging system costs:

Example 1 - $335 &GST
Installation is included in this price

8 metres of hanging rod
3 cords
3 hooks

Example 2 - $816 &GST
Installation is included in this price 

20 metres of hanging rod
6 cords
6 hooks

Example 3 - $1,240 & GST
Installation is included in this price 

30 metre of hanging rod
12 cords
12 hooks

Call Jacqueline for a quote: 0432 924 305 or email Hang Logic