LiVe Art

People often ask us: "What is the difference is between 'liFe art' and 'liVe art'?"

Life Art

is the act of drawing or painting the human figure from a living model. It traditionally involves having a nude male or female model to study in order to learn about representing the human form. It's a training every artist go through.

Live Art

on the other hand, is usually more politically oriented, though not always, and is generally created in a public space incorporating elements of performance to the work. Both can be a really enjoyable experience, either as a participant or a viewer.

Live Art is when an artist creates his artwork directly in front of an audience. So instead of creating a painting, sculpture, or an installation and leaving it for the audience to encounter when he or she (the artist) is not there.

ART LOGIC organises live art portraiture on the Parade in Norwood, Adelaide, South Australia

Live Art comes into being at that very moment of encounter between the artist and the viewer.

ART LOGIC organises live art portraiture on the Parade in Norwood, Adelaide, South Australia 

They don’t even need to be physically present, the artist can sets up a situation in which an audience can experience the work remotely, albeit the notion of ‘presence’ is always a key factor of the work.

Many artists have left the galleries to seek out public places to make their work. We can see that in Adelaide: the city itself has become a gallery. Some artists have done this in reaction to their perception of the commercial art-market. They see the commercial art market as soul-less, for it treats artworks as commodities that are bought for investment purposes. Their purpose is to accrue value, and then they are sold on.

We’ve talked about this in our article on street art. Street artists choose to reject this commodity approach by creating work which disappears soon after it has been made. Their art manifests the here and now, and that is rather hard to hang on a gallery wall.


A Live Artist may be concerned with issues of form. Or they may want to convey a political message.
In an increasingly technological age, the cyborg artist has extended the body through electronic media; the body becomes just one element in an interconnecting network of processes.



In a nutshell, Live Art is a live process that involves change, challenge and interaction. It is a way of bringing art to the people.

ART LOGIC has organised many live art events… for councils, charities, businesses, weddings and private parties. 

We choose qualified, experienced visual artists to create art ‘live’ during events. The artwork they create can be a permanent/long-lasting artwork or it can be impermanent – an artwork that lasts for just a night. 

If the created artwork is permanent – eg on paper or on canvas, it could then be a gift. Having an artist creating work at a gathering is fascinating for guests as they can wander past the artist at work and view the progression of the image. This is something not usually experienced because generally artworks are only seen once completed and on display. It stimulates discussion and adds a point of difference to the conversation. 

For fundraising, once complete, the artwork can be auctioned and sold to the highest bidder at the event.

If the artwork the artist creates is impermanent, it can be photographed or videoed – one way to make sure it’s remembered.

Can you imagine how much fun it could be to have for instance, a body paint artist at your party working on a model to create an amazing effect, character or symbol? 

Or perhaps the artist takes the whole group at the celebration on a creative adventure by instructing them on the art of body painting! 

We are always ready to take on a creative challenge - so don’t be afraid to ask for what you want to make your event unique, creative and fun!