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Although ART LOGIC focuses primarily on the visual arts, we revere the performing arts. Encounters with Indian dance artists inspired us to work with an Indian dance troupe and stage both

Classical Indian and Bollywood dance performances

These performances offer lovely insight into India’s culture.

Bollywood has its roots in Indian dance traditions. The origins of classical Indian dance styles lie far back in time, given that their aesthetics relate to ancient Sanskrit treatises. Bollywood dance also has a nationalistic meaning as it was revived during the 1930s and 1940 as part of India’s nationalist movement which brought about independence from British colonial rule for India.

Classic Indian dance can also relate to Indian mythology. One performance we offer explores aspects of the Hindu god Shiva: his cosmic destruction, his meditative nature that sustains life, and the eternal cycle of creation and death which he initiates.

The challenge contemporary Indian dancers face is how to use the aesthetic and expressive potential of classical Indian dance without being dismissed as old-fashioned and marginal.

The relationship between Bollywood dance and classical Indian dance is somewhat controversial. The growing popularity of Bollywood dance and frequent tendency to believe that Bollywood dance is the same Indian dance has caused much concern among classical Indian dancers. Bollywood dance is gaining in popularity at the expense of Indian classical dance. Classical Indian dancers see Bollywood as less refined, and indeed it is more accessible, malleable and fun than Indian classical dance.

The music for Bollywood dance is readily accessible through U-tube. Music to classical Indian dances is however often closely guarded. Teachers of the classical Indian dance will only share certain music when they deem the student ready to learn and perform it . First students must master set dances and it takes years before an Indian classical dance student has a dance to show and even longer before they can perform in public. Our Indian dancers have been trained in classical Indian dance in India.

Bollywood dancing, especially older forms of it , is modelled on classical dance styles, dances of the historic northern Indian courtesans and folk dances such as Bhangra. Modern forms of Bollywood often also blend Indian dance elements with Western dance styles. The entire body is used to express its high energy- from the toes right up to the very tips of the fingers and everything in between.

The term Bollywood was created by combining Bombay (a city now called Mumbai) and Hollywood. Bollywood dance really is more than a style of dance: it’s a multilayered experience in which music, dance, drama, storytelling and performance meet to create a magical world where everything is possible.

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