At Perks you now get even more perks; the ART LOGIC perks!

At the start of April this year, ART LOGIC received a voice mail asking for a meeting to discuss (can you guess?) renting some art for their new office on Greenhill Road. The voice on our machine was none other than the Marketing Manager of (you may have guessed it by the title) Perks, an SA-owned accounting and financial services firm.

The thing is, just over four year previously, I called Perks out of the blue (or, as business-folk call it, cold-calling) to propose they utilise our services. The answer was that the Big Boss ‘isn’t interested at this stage, but call back in six to twelve months.’

Now, you may think that I, as the owner of a business, am used to cold-calling, handle rejection well and am stubborn as anything. I, however, am an actual human being, and given that I rank cold-calling just below getting a filling on the list of things I prefer to avoid like the plague, I didn’t call back in six to twelve months.

So you can imagine my surprise (and joy) when I found out who was requesting our art!

I was invited to a grand tour of their new offices, and they certainly are marvellous: a bamboo-covered meeting room and vines creeping up the kitchen and break room are just two of the architect’s brilliant ideas that make up their space.

Chosen after many discussions with both managers and staff, these are the pieces now gracing their office:

Roland Weight’s Seagull for their Entrance Area.

Man & Dog by Tim Thomson  for their client rest area.

Complimented by 'After the Morning Rain' by Olgerts Laukirbe,

This is what the above three artworks look like all together in a panorama photo.


To top it off a wonderful piece by Malcolm Koch as the 'perk' for their boardroom