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Art Classes as a Christmas Present


Yes, Art Classes for Christmas!

A White Fella in the Red Centre - Artist Spotlight Alex Toyne

Sifting through the Anthropocene Scene

Global Warming, pollution and climate change, these are hot buzzwords and to most an undisputed fact. Ever heard of this buzzword: 'anthropocene'? What does it refer to you may wonder?

Anthropo - from the ancient Greek anthropos means“human”.

Cene - from kainos means “new” or “recent”, and it started with the industrial revolution of our society. Put the two together and you've coined a word for an atmosphere and environment that we homo spaiens have played about with and altered.

Super Accountant and Art

Some say accounting is boring. Zzzz … oops sorry, I was doing my accounts and must have …

Anyway, would that also ring true for insolvency accounting? Or would Super Accountant, aka SA, sweep down from the sky, eliminating the scourge of bankruptcy with his magic accountancy ray?

Super Accountant

Fish in the Boardroom?

Fish in the Boardroom?
Yes indeed, fish in the boardroom. I suppose you were expecting lions, tigers or elephants, or perhaps an aardvark? No, fish it is.
A talking piece for the boardroom, that’s definitely what the fish will be. Not that the fish will talk, mind you. A board meeting interrupted by “can I have some more fish flakes” could be distracting.
To clarify, the image beneath does not show people talking to fish.

Buying a Sculpture for Your Wedding Anniversary

I got a call one morning. Do you have sculptures in your gallery? Can I come right away and take a look?
It was Mark Fabig, a water engineer from Dubai. He needed a sculpture to give his wife for their wedding anniversary, the next day. He had just returned from Dubai for a short break at home in Adelaide.

“I give my wife an artwork for every wedding anniversary.” he told me.

SA Life Magazine Interviews Art Logic's Jacqueline Mitchell

P.94 SA Life Magazine, November 2012

SA Life Interviews Art Logic's Manager Jacqueline Mitchell

At Perks you now get even more perks; the ART LOGIC perks!

At the start of April this year, ART LOGIC received a voice mail asking for a meeting to discuss (can you guess?) renting some art for their new office on Greenhill Road. The voice on our machine was none other than the Marketing Manager of (you may have guessed it by the title) Perks, an SA-owned accounting and financial services firm.

A new arts business venture – Hens Party Adelaide

How often have you heard people say, "I've got two left feet", or "I can only draw stick figures", or even "I'd love to but I’m too scared of making a fool of myself"?

Well, prepare to tell your friends (and maybe even yourself) that those excuses no longer stand! Courtesy of a new company known as Hens Party Adelaide there are a lot of new parties going on in town.

Thought for Food at ART LOGIC

Food for the Hungry
Australian businesses throw out $7.8 billion of edible food every year. This could be going to homeless shelters.

Why we need help
We need refrigerated transport to bring the food, otherwise wasted, to homeless shelters.

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