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Thought for Food at ART LOGIC

Food for the Hungry
Australian businesses throw out $7.8 billion of edible food every year. This could be going to homeless shelters.

Why we need help
We need refrigerated transport to bring the food, otherwise wasted, to homeless shelters.

ART LOGIC's Live Art for Fundraising

“This is an amazing process to watch; seeing an artist creating an artwork live, from start to finish, it’s like magic.” is what we hear from observers.

That process took place again (for we are involved with quite a few) last (sweltering) Friday night, at the Adelaide Arena, Adelaide’s Mecca of basketball. There was a good turnout for the fundraising event that was organized by Michael Wall, an inspiring young Australian leader, to raise money for the Royal Society for the Blind (RSB).

Art for an Adelaide Business: Infraplan

Upon my return from a frolic-filled trip overseas, I was greeted by the looming spectre of things to do: fend off the billing companies (by a clever strategy of sending them money); wage a dramatic war against the army of moths who had  invaded the panty; relocate the legions of spiders who decided that what my house was really missing was at least one of them in every nook and cranny, and tackle all the annoying little tasks that no one else wanted to do.

Art in an Adelaide Business: Ferrier Hodgson

If someone asked you to picture the offices of Insolvency Accountants, you’re likely to imagine something on the darker side. Perhaps you visualize the reception area housing a small cage to keep the insolvent in.

Adelaide Art and Zero Waste SA

Zero Waste – What a goal!


Sometimes it’s the things that surprise you which come to mean the most later on, and stay with you the longest. Granted, that may be because most of the time it’s a bad surprise, but today I’d like to talk about a good surprise.

An unusual farewell gift for Ken Henry

Just after lunch I got a call from an unknown number, prefix 02. 
“Aah, you’re calling from interstate!” I pre-empted, in Adelaide we have the prefix 08. 
“Yes, from Canberra.” was the reply. 
“Oh Canberra” I said, “I like Canberra, I often come to Canberra as my daughter works there.”
“Really?” she replied. “Where does she work here?” 
“At the Commonwealth Treasury.” 

It has to be fun and challenging!

"It has to be fun and challenging. I want people to talk and laugh about it. And I want art everywhere." This is the brief we got from an Adelaide client last year.

We've just hung our third art rental exhibit in their offices in Grenfell Street, 23 artworks, right in the middle of Adelaide's CBD. Staff and visitors will be able to enjoy these South Australian artworks for 6 months; then we will hang another set of artworks.

Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No It's...

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a Ball of Light.


Meet Wayan Dudug our SALA 2010 sculptor

Listen to our SALA 2010 sculptor Wayan Dudug explain the inspiration behind his sculptures.

meet Jane Smeets our SALA 2010 artist

Listen to our SALA 2010 artist Jane Smeets explain what motivated her to create the current exhibition in our Adelaide ART LOGIC Art Gallery.

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