Adelaide SALA 2019 - Art Logic Exhibit

South Australiana – S.A. Icontopia

We're back with a  SALA (South Australian Living Artist) exhibit after a 9 year hiatus, and now in a new gallery close to Adelaide's emptiest and loveliest beach.

I, Jacqueline Mitchell, the business owner, come from Sydney. After 25 years of life overseas in Europe and the US, Adelaide was my new home.

Why? Endless beach, friendly inhabitants, rare traffic jams, affordable living, fantastic wine, great bushwalking in the city outskirts and the stunning Flinders Ranges.

Art Classes as a Christmas Present


Yes, Art Classes for Christmas!

Sifting through the Anthropocene Scene

Global Warming, pollution and climate change, these are hot buzzwords and to most an undisputed fact. Ever heard of this buzzword: 'anthropocene'? What does it refer to you may wonder?

Anthropo - from the ancient Greek anthropos means“human”.

Cene - from kainos means “new” or “recent”, and it started with the industrial revolution of our society. Put the two together and you've coined a word for an atmosphere and environment that we homo spaiens have played about with and altered.

Super Accountant and Art

Some say accounting is boring. Zzzz … oops sorry, I was doing my accounts and must have …

Anyway, would that also ring true for insolvency accounting? Or would Super Accountant, aka SA, sweep down from the sky, eliminating the scourge of bankruptcy with his magic accountancy ray?

Super Accountant

Fish in the Boardroom?

Fish in the Boardroom?
Yes indeed, fish in the boardroom. I suppose you were expecting lions, tigers or elephants, or perhaps an aardvark? No, fish it is.
A talking piece for the boardroom, that’s definitely what the fish will be. Not that the fish will talk, mind you. A board meeting interrupted by “can I have some more fish flakes” could be distracting.
To clarify, the image beneath does not show people talking to fish.

Buying a Sculpture for Your Wedding Anniversary

I got a call one morning. Do you have sculptures in your gallery? Can I come right away and take a look?
It was Mark Fabig, a water engineer from Dubai. He needed a sculpture to give his wife for their wedding anniversary, the next day. He had just returned from Dubai for a short break at home in Adelaide.

“I give my wife an artwork for every wedding anniversary.” he told me.

Why Use a Hanging System in Your Home?


Why go with a system rather than just hang your art on the wall yourself?


The Great Greek Mural

Do you get bored of staring at the same blank walls every day? Zak’s Greek Restaurant did – and wait until you see what they did about it!

Buying Art The Easy Way: Online

If you’ve ever browsed through our catalogue and wondered why we sell art online, and who buys the majority of these pieces, some of these answers may surprise you.

A large portion of our sale clients, who buy work ‘sight unseen’ (not viewed in person), are professional businessmen who want to place art within their home or office, but don’t wish to waste their time on endless visits to art galleries with no guarantee they will find a suitable piece.

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